CEREC Omnicam®


This revolutionary treatment redefines high-tech dentistry and we are proud to have been providing it at Glenfield Dental since 2005. CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction, and the innovative system allows us to replace silver or amalgam fillings with composite ones, or restore broken teeth with crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings all in one single visit. It also reduces the need for tooth preparation, meaning that we can retain the structural integrity of your tooth and prolong its lifespan.

How does CEREC Omnicam® work?

CEREC Omnicam® works by creating an immediate optical 3D image of your tooth. From this image, a virtual model is created. Then your new restoration will be designed through the use of a 3D computer-aided modelling system. The information will then be sent to a milling machine, where your ceramic tooth will be created with pinpoint accuracy in just a few minutes. During this time, you can make yourself at home in our relaxing waiting room.

Advantages of CEREC Omnicam®

The ceramic material used for CEREC restorations matches the composition of natural tooth structure with precision, which means your tooth will be restored to its natural strength, function and beauty.

Other advantages of CEREC Omnicam® include:

  •  No need for temporary restorations (which may come off!) thereby reducing bacterial contamination of the tooth compared to traditional lab made crowns. This reduces future sensitivity problems.
  • No sticky impressions are necessary. Great news for people with sensitive gag reflexes.
  • No need for a second appointment meaning no second local anaesthetic injection required.
  • Perfect solution for the emergency broken tooth and those with time constraints.
  • Can restore the original shape and size of tooth thereby not distorting existing dentures.

If you want to know how this amazing treatment can restore your smile, get in touch with Glenfield Dental today by calling 0116 287 9608 to arrange a consultation.